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AudioQuest FLX-SLiP 14/4 Jumper Cable 20cm (Pair) - For One Speaker


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"..the 14/4 conveys a balanced, well-organised sound that never lets its rhythmic grip waver and renders leading edges with precision and grace."

AudioQuest FLX-SLiP speaker cable is a super-flexible four core cable suitable for single or bi-wire use. The protective outer jacket is sleek enough to easily thread through walls and it's fire-rated making FLX-SLiP the perfect choice for high end in-wall or in ceiling speakers as well as for wiring throughout a home cinema. 

Sometimes, pulling cable can be a real pain! AudioQuest's FLX-SLiP series of in-wall speaker cables have been designed to make your life a little easier when installing behind walls and cavities. While there is no perfectly slippery cable,  the materials and shape used for FLX-SLiP are at the forefront, making these the most slippery cables possible.

These high quality 20cm jumper cables are made by our on site cable technicians in our workshop. One pair of jumper cables is required for each speaker. We offer standard termination options which offer flexibility and also premium plug options, where a more solid sturdier plug is desired. 

  • Tick 20cm Jumper cable pair (enough for 1 speaker)
  • Tick Different plug termination options to suit your requirements
  • Tick Our standard termination option for jumper cables offer flexibility these are crimped and soldered for the best connection
  • Tick Fisual 'Surefix' plug option is useful for when a sturdier plug is desired
Semi-Solid Concentric Packed Conductors

Semi-Solid Concentric Packed Conductors

SSCP Conductors are used in some of AudioQuest’s AC power and speaker cables as a cost-effective, flexible alternative to typical stranded conductors. Semi-Solid Concentric Packed Conductors use fewer, larger strands that do not change position down the length of the cable. While solid conductors are the complete solution to strand distortion, Semi-Solid Concentric Packed Conductors avoid many of the distortion mechanisms of stranded conductors.



A quality cable demands a quality termination. Stripped Bare wire and even DIY plugs leave the copper conductors exposed to signal-degrading oxygen which will require the cable to be re-terminated over time.
AudioQuest FLX SLiP 14/2 Speaker Cable can be specially terminated with AudioQuest's SureGrip BFA Plugs in our workshop here at Audiovisual Online which seals in the copper leaving a nice, neat connection. Alternatively we can apply QED's Airloc terminations or Fisual Surefix bananas or spades which are hand-crimped and then nicely finished with heatshrink. Please select from the options above.

While we do our best to keep this information up to date, please be aware that all specifications are subject to change by the manufacturer at any time.

Conductor Semi-Solid Concentric Packed Long-Grain Copper (LGC)
Gauge 4 x 14 AWG (2.08mm²)
2 x 11 AWG (4.17mm²)
Jacket PVC. (CL3 and CEC FT4 Fire Rating).
Terminations None. Plugs or Spades Applied on Request
Type Bi-Wire Speaker Cable
Cross Dimension (Total Width) 9mm
Cross Dimension (Total Height) 9mm

While we do our best to keep this information up to date, please be aware that all specifications are subject to change by the manufacturer at any time.