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Black Rhodium Twist Speaker Cable Pair w/ Rhodium Plated Z Plugs 3m

Black Rhodium

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This page relates to a previously available product and is maintained for information only.

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Hi-Fi Choice 5 Star

Hi-Fi Choice 5 Star

"Twist delivers voice and guitars in a fluid and effortless style... A well thought out cable that delivers a touch of class to budget systems at a very reasonable price"

The Twist twisted pair speaker cable from Black Rhodium makes listening to music a pleasure thanks to its natural open sound on  vocals and excellent timing on piano notes. 

This level of sound quality at such a low price point is achievable because Black Rhodium have based the design on their top range Ninja cable. “We have taken out all the expensive bits of Ninja such as DCT, silver plating and heavy gauge wire but kept in the good design features of Ninja to create Twist” says designer Graham Nalty. 

As its name implies Twist is actually twisted along its length, thus preventing the cable acting as a “loop aerial” for airborne radio frequency interference which can cause audible distortion to the sound quality. The positive and negative cores are connected in opposite directions, Experience shows that when cables are connected this way (and both cables are connected in the same direction) the noise floor between the musical notes lowers. 

The cable is supplied with insulation of twice the thickness of other cables in the Black Rhodium range. Listening tests have indicated that when the distance between closely placed conductors is increased, the sound quality becomes more natural and the music appears less to come from the boxes of the speakers. 

  • Tick Conductors: 24 x 0.2mm diameter (19 gauge) tinned copper
  • Tick Insulation: Silicone rubber type GPC
  • Tick Outside diameter of each core: 3.2mm


Terminations available include gold or rhodium plated Z plugs for speaker cable models and gold plated RCA plugs for Twist stereo interconnects which have been specially sourced for the cable.

Manufactured in England

Manufactured in England

Black Rhodium ensure that they have close, face-to-face contact with the manufacturing and production facilities, and also shows that we support and are proud of British manufacturing.

Want a Different Length?

Want a Different Length?

Alternative lengths can be specially ordered if required, there is an additional cost per 0.5m length increase. Please call us directly if you require this service.

While we do our best to keep this information up to date, please be aware that all specifications are subject to change by the manufacturer at any time.