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KLEI Pure Harmony Phono / RCA Plug 4 Pack


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This page relates to a previously available product and is maintained for information only.

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Review by Stefano Bertoncello

Review by Stefano Bertoncello

"The KLEI RCA plugs greatly improved the Litz performance ... The best, THE best of the crop proved to be the KLEI’s RCAs."

The KLEI Harmony plug is a new approach to the previous Eichmann Bullet Plug design, which itself was a revolutionary approach to phono / RCA connection. It represents a rethinking of something as basic as the phono / RCA plug. It is KL’s contention that the phono / RCA plug in its current configuration is the standard connector in the audio / video industry not because it is the best possible choice for its intended use, but more by reason of default and its ultimate potential.

The KLEI pure harmony phono / RCA plug boasts exceptional resolution, tight non-bloated deep detailed resolving bass, extremely articulate presentation. It conveys subtle nuances with amazing dexterity, stage is spacious and envelopes the listener. Allows the full emotion of the music to be experienced, superb dynamics and an excellent micro detail presentation. Displays delicate upper mid and high frequency detail resolution and harmonic texture with precision and emotion. Delivers music with low noise distortion in a warm musical and Involving manner from a black quiet background.

  • Tick Signal/ ground pins are pure Silver and >106% IACS
  • Tick Signal/ ground pin optimization to enhance electron flow, in accordance with KL’s pure silver signal/ ground formula
  • Tick Signal/ ground pins are now much stronger and shaped like a tag, which makes soldering small/ large or multiple wires very easy
  • Tick Signal/ ground anti-short shield has been added between the signal/ ground solder tags
  • Tick Signal/ ground pins are arranged to maintain a maximised distance from each other, and the utilised foil technology ensures that capacitive, inductive, and EMF effects are minimized
  • Tick The head assembly jaw structure has been redesigned and mechanically improved, to allow an easy snap-like connection to a phono/RCA socket, ensuring the ultimate connection with easy removal
  • Tick Ground pin includes thread teeth which ensures that a metal housing is star-point grounded
  • Tick The housing assembly uses two screws to retain and secure the cable
  • Tick Extremely high temperature melting point thermoplastic polymer has been utilized

While we do our best to keep this information up to date, please be aware that all specifications are subject to change by the manufacturer at any time.