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Black Rhodium Rhythm Subwoofer Cable 5m

Black Rhodium

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This page relates to a previously available product and is maintained for information only.

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"This is a tight, fast-sounding cable with crisp clarity, whether used in music and home cinema applications. The bass is powerful and there is an absence of any sense of muddling. This is an affordable cable with great sound."

The Rhythm digital / subwoofer cable is one of Black Rhodium's more affordable leads, while still offering superior quality over entry level interconnects. Rhythm's silver plated copper 19x0.2mm² stranded conductors, deliver improved clarity to middle and high frequencies, whilst also delivering strong bass and natural balance between frequencies.

The following processes employed by Black Rhodium will offer significant benefits to your system. High quality PTFE inner insulation with an exclusive post production process which allows for a faster, clearer beat and a smoother sound, less prone to harshness. Silver plated copper braided screen, resulting in superior RFI rejection, ensuring smoother sound and reduction in background noise.

  • Tick Silver plated copper 19x0.2mm² stranded conductors
  • Tick Silver plated copper braided screen
  • Tick PTFE inner insulation
  • Tick RFI rejection


Terminated with Black Rhodium's high quality hourglass silhouette RCA Phono plug, ensuring cable is much easier to insert and remove from your system, and performance and reliability of cable is maintained over time due to the design.

Manufactured in England

Manufactured in England

Black Rhodium ensure that they have close, face-to-face contact with the manufacturing and production facilities, and also shows that we support and are proud of British manufacturing.

Want a Different Length?

Want a Different Length?

Alternative lengths can be specially ordered if required, there is an additional cost per 0.5m length increase. Please call us directly if you require this service.

While we do our best to keep this information up to date, please be aware that all specifications are subject to change by the manufacturer at any time.