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Frequently Asked Questions


Can you deliver a particular item to me outside of the UK?

  • We do not export goods to addresses outside of the UK. Freight forwarding services may be able to assist you.

When will my order be dispatched or delivered?

  • Please see our delivery page for details of our policy.

Orders and Accounts

Why can't I see my order within my account?

  • We don't require customers to be registered and logged in when placing an order, it's entirely optional. If you have an account but can't see an order you've placed, you probably placed the order without logging in.

Can I get a VAT receipt?

  • We now email every customer a VAT receipt automatically, please check your dispatch email for the attachment. A printable copy can also be found within your account if you placed your order while logged in.

Can I return an item?

  • Please see our returns page for details of our policy.


Is an item brand new and boxed?

  • The vast majority of products we sell are brand new. Occasionally we'll have discounted non-new items available. For all such items we specify the condition on the product information page and on the basket. 

Do you have stock?

How is off-the-reel cable provided?

  • When you order unterminated cables, we'll send a single length (where possible) if you order multiple lengths. We do this to avoid disappointment and provide flexibility for our customers.
  • For example if you order two x 2m and one x 3m of speaker cable, we'll dispatch a single 7m run. If at the point of installation you then find you need a slightly longer cable than expected for one speaker but less for another, the cable can be cut to the exact lengths you need, rather than be wasted or force you to reposition your system.
  • This doesn't apply where you purchase "off-cut" cable, which is of fixed length.

Will you price match?

  • Our policy is simpler than most*. We'll match where we can, give us a call and we'll see what we can do.
  • *Normally this would be a list of complex terms and exclusions, after you'd just been promised the earth.