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Prior to 1998 Keith Louis Eichmann had an obsession with electrons and and sonic purity, musicality, and a passion for high performance audio. The result was the Eichmann Bullet plug. KL continued to focus his attention at the atomic level with a commitment to not only preserving, but enhancing electron flow. The sonic results from the application of his theories were ground breaking. The revolutionary ideas represented a paradigm shift in cable and connector design, forever raising the benchmarks for sonic performance.

In 2013-2014, KLEI released the range of KLEI Harmony phono/ RCA plugs and KLEI Essence gZero ICs/SCs. Then followed the KLEI Spades, Bananas, Male/Female XLRs, Binding Posts, RCA Sockets, Resonance Devices. Through KL’s Innovations and designs, be confident that KLEI will be releasing a range of innovative products that are and will be at the forefront of high performance audio, in the world’s marketplace.