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The DeoxIT range of contact cleaning liquids and substances are a result of the fine reasearch carried out by CAIG Laboratories, located in Poway, CA, only a short drive from San Diego. CAIG have been conjuring up lubricants, fluids and potions designed to enhance and help your equipment sound and look as good as possible for as little outlay as possible.

CAIG not only provide products for the audiophile world but also make entire cleaning product lines for the global consumer electronics market.

DeoxIT Gold Contact Cleaning Fluid 2ml Tube

DeoxIT Gold Contact Cleaning Fluid 2ml Tube Top Rated

DeoxIT® Gold contact cleaner is a fast-acting solution that keeps your electrical plugs and sockets sparkly clean and free from discolouration and contamination. This pocket-sized 2ml tube is an improvement on the standard D-series version in that it adds a protective outer coating and dissolves more serious corrosion built up over plugs and sockets. Use DeoxIT Gold for a first application and apply D-Series in the long-term is our advice.

DeoxIT Contact Cleaning Fluid 2ml Tube

DeoxIT Contact Cleaning Fluid 2ml Tube

Keeping your socket and plug contacts clean and free from the effects of oxidisation is always the right way to achieving that perfect connection every time. This 2ml tube of DeoxIT®, endorsed by Wireworld cables ensures those nooks and crannies are corrosion-free and is such a great product for such a low outlay.